Life is hard. I have not hid from personal issues. These will be the least forgiving. Perhaps because they have never been overlapping. Anorexia, Myopia, Depression, Anxiety, etc. I say et cetera because I have no clue who I am or what my problems are. If I have one more person tell me I am pretty or I am using my appearance the wrong way then I am pretty much done. I can’t handle social media bullshit. If I have not been able to look into a mirror for 10 years– and have Meg do things like plucking eyebrows…. I certainly don’t want people rating a facebook picture of me. I am so shy. I ran into legit friends in the store and hid the other day. Life is a game of duck and cover for me. I will never feel comfortable. Unfortunately, I am a pale, blue eyed, light brown haired gal…..I get noticed everywhere. Please know….. I am just not cool. You are better avoiding me then engaging a conversation with me. I can’t delve into details, but, don’t try to be involved in my life. I wake up every morning wondering why I survived. I have a fiance I cannot marry. 4.5 years means nothing to the Government. I cannot drive because of my vision. Meg works at a minimum wage job. This is our love. This is our life. It is everything. I have to fight my brain to use my left hand. Worth it. All I wanted to say was that who gives a fuck waht I used to look like? I have never changed sizes– still the same size. But, my girlfriend has changed sizes and hates herself because of it. So, let’s stop applauding us for not gaining weight.


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