I have a little jiggle to my belly, but nothing I will lose sleep over– if I slept.  Honestly, I’m ok with my appearance, I’m fantastic  in regards with my  relationship, and equally so with my parents, my sister. and brother-in-law.  I am always there in times of everyone else’s  absence.   I have no issue with being the last reserve or the last person to contact…. I don’t even have a cell-phone.

To curtail this nonsense that I created:

I am a crazy person who doesn’t take their medication. I have not, and my therapist knows this, for months. I knew that I have no health insurance. I made a conscious decision to taper off and I was successful at that. With my parent’s insurance it was 40 dollars, roughly, a visit. Now…. add one-hundred…. and that’s what it is. So, it’s better to self-harm than be helped by others. (by the way– I am not harming myself)

In the Netflix original hit show “Orange is the New Black,” one of the characters states….”I Love you, and I fucking hate you”  I think that’s probably how most people will view me.


Sometimes waiting is the most important element of a game or competition.  It’s been twelve hours.   The dog has been walked and all is good here.   I I still have this tantalizing sensation on the tongue.   My throat is yearning for freedom because I have been completely close-lipped for the aforementioned amount of time


My little bird heart does not get truly broken that often.  If it goes a bit aflutter , as was the case here,  it is been a month I’d like to never rehash. all  else will fall further from the tree.

I regroup, re-ruffle my feathers and strive to fly again.  That is who I am.  It has been a rough month.  It’s bee been  a mongooses who never cn catch the cobra.


My hands atropy in a lapse of potassium injections, but my brain and neuron waves are still in tact;  I never proclaimed to be smart.  I can help you with crossword puzzles.  I will be the annoying kid yelling no matter what game.

This is not an active di-invite.    I just want everyone to know 🙂



About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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