Blood and whine.

Green and paper thin

Faces I’m unfamiliar with

Always staring back at me

So unrelenting

Yet paying the rent.

What do I have to give?

To pay for every swig?

The way I down each drop

Doubt that I can ever stop

Slip ‘n’ slide into my throat

I gag, but hope that it will coat

The pain of which will never heal

The things I hope to never feel

I can fix and mend.

Heart and soul I can lend

But, I’m no fly trap.

You smell weakness.

And then you  pounce.

I’m counting each and every ounce

See me on these broken knees

Forgive me, I will lick the bottle clean

I beg for some absolution

Yet neglect all of my intuition

Obliging through a simple w(h)ine

Pleading to an empty shrine

I’m out of time.

Awake pre-dawn

Sweats ironed on

Food piled inside

This body that was mine

Now controlled by doubt

By misery, and by oncoming gout?

And who knows?

Now, where where is my spout?
Just pour the liquor in.
Let my day now begin.

Nothing good to behold.

No more rhymes to be told.

Just some hours of more  sleep.

A few more flocks of some  sheep

I shall count until a day is done

Another 24 has been won

Victory or defeat.

Too tired I’m beat.

You decide.

Or am I wrong again?

Am I just again  imagined?

A simple  injection,  just a sin.

To feel good, to feel clean

To you is that all that it means?

I’m getting tired of this mess, don’t you see?

Really don’t care about the hypocrisy

I get better than worse.

No need bringing the hearse.

I’m bigger and better than this.

Past few days were a miss.

I’m still set on a goal.

Nothing short of a gold.

Anything less is a bust.

Success is a must.


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