You know what?  I am completely unsure if this fucking prejudicial shit comes from some untended to desire for someone of the same sex or not, but I don’t know how to deal with it.  I feel nothing but love for everyone.  I was raised so well to appreciate and admire those niceties around me– and to think that I have to deal with people every day who hate me or want to hunt me down and kill me (quote) because I love someone who is of the same sex as myself– is so unsettling and ruining who I was prior to “coming out.”  No one seems to understand who I am– because I love a girl.  I don’t understand wanting a man.  What is the difference though, really?  Attack me with an “Adam and Eve” reference and you will be attacked by the repercussions of ignorance.  It is truly so myopic to believe that a woman must be attracted to a man to be considered a member of society that is r replaceable or able to be related to.  Are you kidding me?  By the way, I understand how people come into being this way:  Naivete. People need to comprehend that love  doesn’t exist just to procreate. .   You must know that blatant racism exists in a more subdued form now– and that we replaced it with a prejudice towards being gay?  Right?  Well,  fuck you people.  I have broken doors down to save people trying to die because of the stigmaa placed upon them for these reasons.  Do those in my realm of friends and family want to have that blood on their hands?  Or do they believe it is God’s will?  If that were the case– latter wise– then why would we be born with such great harmless souls?  Does that make sense?  I am an innocent, never ticketed by an officer, wonderful person who has no stain on her record and is a great daughter……have any reason to be succumbed to Hell because she didn’t read Milton’s “paradise lost” or fucked and is betrothed to a woman…. am I the evil target?  Really?  When I read the article here:   http://theblot.com/a-lesbian-version-of-romeo-and-juliet-gets-death-threats-777826 I realized, naively that people still want to hurt and kill those who have sexual preferences contradictory to their own.  I hope that those of you who actually have a brain and know how to use it– see that I am not harming anyone by this love.  I am helping myself.  And I hope (and know) they enjoy watching me suffer and carry a knife and mace out in public– because I am terrified of being accosted for no reason other than loving someone.  Religion is great for those who believe.  I don’t have qualms with that.  I just don’t support violence against us that do not, or that have a different viewpoint.  Tolerance and acceptance is in the Bible.  You don’t have to approve or love me (although you should),  but you a would be admirable and wise to not want to hurt someone who is doing NOTHING wrong except loving another person and being good.  It’s extremely detrimental to whomever taught you anything about religion.  If I go to  Hell that I do not believe in, so be it.  Let me make my own choices.  Don’t kill me because you think it’s right and that I am wrong.  And to be clear– most gay bashings/killings are due to reasons that you won’t admit– but I know of.  In conclusion, if you want to mess with the good guys who just happen to hold hands with a member of the same sex– then in reality– you are demeaning the essence of the moral code set by the Bible and interfering with composing a better symphony in regards to society.  I am not bad.  Stop using slurs against me.  I am the last person you want to leave this earth.


About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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