I will never be  trying to surmise or ruin  a sunrise

or be willing to Compromise

The way I feel about you

That first second that I saw you

I knew I could not lose you

But, I knew that I could leash you

In the end, I could only love you.

But, I was a bad girl and I stole you

I’m ashamed of what I did

And aware of what’s to come

But also glad of what I did

I’m not perfect– no one is

We all just have to give in

To our wants and our needs

exclude value

We have yearns

and we earn them if we have to

because in the end it works

I have no malcontent

and I plead innocent

for the stems I broke or bent

I will never deliver nor shiver

of all the crimes that I commit

I cannot lament, but I wanted and I won.

Because there is no better prize.

I tried and I won, but there is no-one to blame.

I took a  risk and I completed this game.

Like a horse accomplishing a frame.

I don’t know who I am.

Nor where I’m going in this life I’m living

But, I got this gal by my side.

She is everything I wanted.

And I’ve been almost tossed and toasted.

But, she’s the life  whom I want in with

Stopping the poem– Meg you can stop and scroll, though it’s all been told. but you are my everything.  Don’t back our, pour or pack out when you are angry.  This is eternal devotion and love. 🙂


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