Health care.  Let me not be someone to mention some outrageously socialist proposition that completely outrages everyone in the state I was born and raised (and still reside in).   I’m not on a Chavez level of socialism (too soon?.)  But, what I do take issue with is the way mental health care is treated and viewed in this country.   Selfishly, yes.   I am saying this in a selfish way.  People have it way worse than me; there are those who should and could be complaining and stating a way more effective case for change than I ever could.

But, let’s think about this for a second….  how many criminals have some sort of mental illness?  How many… if granted an opportunity…could afford treatment?  The answer is zero.  I can’t even afford help.   I am a raging alcoholic.  I finally found a doctor who seemed like he could help.  He had been trained in teaching a certain book/exercise manual packet.  He didn’t believe in groups.  He was an ex-pastor who didn’t follow the 12 step program.  It looked perfect on paper.   I was directed to him by my primary care physician.

And then I get there…. and he takes no insurance.  160 dollars a session.  He wants to see me twice a week at 160 dollars a session.  Not to mention the “several thousand dollars” the course that he teaches will take.  I looked it up online.  I can buy both items for less than 15 dollars.

I feel that this is exploiting the mentally ill.  When really…. most of the crime is committed  by the mentally ill!    Obviously, I am not going to commit a crime.  I felt too guilty to take two dollars from RedBox.   But, there are crazy people out there–who would be much better off in a program to wean them off of drugs (which I have heard is a nightmare), help them find jobs, figure out a root problem, and set them on their own two feet.    These are not program’s that are useless.  I am one of the people that needs help in such a manner.  I have an issue that cannot be addressed on my own.   The last nurse practitioner that I was seeing…. was one of the meanest personnel I have ever been witness to.  She told me that I was too much for her to handle.   I have little faith in therapy or medicine at this point, but I like to believe that someone out there is affordable and capable of dealing with a tough client.  Even this previous man could see that intelligence lies beneath the decay and graffiti that adorns my skin and soul.  I’m twenty-seven.  I am not a lost cause yet.  But, it’s beginning to seem a precarious situation in regards to finding a reputable and  yet…. affordable solution to a problem that could potentially end up being priceless.    It’s not right.  It’s not fair.  And I don’t really care what right-wingers have to say about it…. mental health care should cost less than it does.  Taxes or not.  Suck it up.  Grow a pair.  And let people who deserve a chance to live…live.

OH.  And for those unfamiliar….  AA you believe is a great choice…. BUT, not only am I an agnostic/atheistic person…. I have also read of many stories where if you are a girl and go to these meetings alone–there is a high chance that a predator will take you and rape you.  So, yay for that idea.


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Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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