When I throw a catch to you dad.

I hope you know it’s true.

I’ll never be the son you want.

But, I hope that I will do.

I never want to disappoint

But, I know I’m always true.

I’ll always be the one I am.

But, I know I’ll never do.

But, you can’t blame you, Dad

And you can’t blame me.

And can’t blame anyone between.

I am who I am because that’s me.

And me, I’ll always be.

But, no more could I feel the joy

Than can a catch from you to me.

I’ll never be an athletic boy

But I am always me.

I am always me.

With every beat.

With every thought.

My heart will throw to you

And I know beneath my soul

That your heart will throw to me.

We throw our best.

We catch our worst.

But, always we will try.

Keep on playing ’til the dusk

and until that ball has burst

I love you more each passing day.

Even when I think I’m cursed.

And when I cry, all I can say is

I am sorry I can’t be your dream

I wish I was just what you want

But that will never be.

I can’t just be what you thought

What you thought your life would be

I still try hard.

I’ll still try hard

And I  promise I will work

As hard as I can….

Just as hard as I can….

And please just know…

Just please know.

it’s not your fault

it’s not your fault

that I cannot succeed

success is just a resume

and that’s  not what I need

I  need a friend

‘Til the bitter end

I need a place where I can find a way

To get through every single day

To learn and love a different way

I need…..

To find myself

So, don’t regret a single day

and know that you did everything

To help me find a different place to thrive

And now I finally feel alive

So thanks to all you’ve ever done

I know this process just begun
But, you have shown me every path, I need.
And those directions I will heed.
dad. I always just needed a friend. Someone to play catch with.  I hate sports, but I will always play to impress you.  I want to be the son  you never had.

About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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