When I throw a catch to you dad.

I hope you know it’s true.

I’ll never be the son you want.

But, I hope I’ll do.

I want to never disappoint.

But, I’m also always true.

I’ll always be the one I am.

And I know I’ll never do.

But, you can’t blame yourself.

Cannot blame me too.

You can’t blame anyone.

Because that’s just  me.

And me, I’ll always be.

There is no way.

There is no way, I’d ever get.

Anymore from this.

To feel the glove, to feel the love.

Than can a catch from you to me.

I love you more.

With every beat.

My heart will throw to you

And I know we throw our best.

When our hearts are filled with glee

And We catch our worst.

When you think a hearse

Is what the future brings.

But, we’ll always  try.

Until we die

And until that ball has burst

I love you more than I can say.

I’ll never be what I should have been.

But, I loved you all the same.

I’m sorry I can’t be your dream

I wish I was a boy you need.

Or what you thought

What your life could be

I’ll still fight hard

I’ll make it right.

I’m doing all I can.

Just please know.

It’s  not your fault

You’ve been the best that you could be.

I love you,




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