At night, while…

At night, while the re-ran DVD repeats time after time, I do have questions. These are questions that you cannot answer because you are asleep beyond the task of awakening. I couldn’t if I tried. And I wonder… if I were to awaken you from this slumber, would you look at me differently? Differently than when you fell asleep? Different than when you stumbled home? Would you love me in a different way? Would you love me then? I never choose to see, if this may be. I’m too scared too carry on. Instead I lay my hands, far away from his. And hope this never ends. I love the girl that comes home. Who hates the alone. The one who will never leave. The one that holds me close. Says she will never oppose the times I have to leave. She is the one. The only girl, I ever will love. The one, the only, girl I’ll come cross. The one, the only girl, I will love. But she doesn’t know.

And here she sits on top this bed of sin, we aren’t of faith… the one thing I can’t give.. to her family… She is a-top this bed of sin.

And I will not touch her, forever, if that’s what it takes. To make this marriage right. I cannot wait. But, if I must…than I will wait my whole damn life.

I love you, Meg. More than you will ever EVER know. Kisses.


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