The questions of the heart remain unanswered
I understand so little of what I live each day
This amazement and wonder still astounds me
All these gifts I’ve been bestowed from above
Shake the foundation on which I rest my head
I lie here alone and bask in this daze
Thinking fondly about what has begun
And what continues to be.

No sense can be made of the hows and the whys
But the who and the what cannot be denied
Yes, the logic here has eluded my grasp
for nothing can explain what has no reason
With my back in this corner I swallow my doubts
Using your voice to drown out the sounds

It’s in our nature to find ways to believe
in the unreal, the unknown and the fantastical
It’s how we stand still amidst the motion
It’s how we keep our heavy hearts always afloat
Despite our senses screaming words of reason
We opt to bury our heads in madness to escape
I too turn my back on facts and figures.
As I am unwilling to run from this angel’s embrace
She chose me.
She chose me.
And I choose to place my faith in our fate.
In this hope that our love will stay true and
That our battered souls will pull through
‘Til the day both of our journey’s complete
And we sail into the night sky with her hand in mine

I’ve had no choice but to ignore what I know
Since she stepped out of a dream and into my soul
And now I savor each moment and I can’t let her go
I’ve almost lost her before and I can’t risk it again.
These seconds of time spent held tight in her arms
Each send pangs of regret down my broken spine
She’s saved me from the depths of satan’s ensnare
So much blood shed for naught
With one touch my spirits lifted
With one smile my head starts to spin
A single glance set my world afire
A single kiss would pull me from the blaze

And every eve I battle the demons of the night
Afraid that there will never be another day
And each morning I will fight the sun from my lids
Fearing that the light shall erase all we’ve built
And send our world into rapid decay
But, I face each fright with a steady hand
I cease to feel that harm will ever come
I choose to believe in this, in her.
I choose to believe in this love.
Together we will live forever.


About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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