Cloaks and Masquerades

Black night presents a simple mask.

Offers up this sound disguise.

Shields me from the guilt and shame. 

Protects me from your cries.

Pry apart those ribs and crack open that skull.

Place your insides on the out.

All your truths they crumble down.

As mottled lies they come undone.

An honest word cannot be found.  

So stay away from my heart.

I place it in a box and out of reach.

Steady beating lulls you into sleep.

Holds you captive in your dreams.

As you realize what you’ve lost.

Can Never get back what we had.

These same mistakes creeping in.

Wash up nightly on the shore.

I fight the blame until you read it on my face.

I seal my eyes.

Bite my lip until it bleeds.

 Breathing in, but holding back.

Delete the words before I send.

Each wound so fresh

Acid tongue rips at tender flesh.

Taught to trust, so you can take it all away.

To play your game, means I’ll never be the same.

Altered paths, and new perceptions.

Shedding skin, I change my tune

Cut all the goodness from my soul.

Trim off the past, adjust my eyes to see the light.

So open wider if you dare.

I swear you’ll see me standing there.

Now and forever by your side.

These scars I earned  in fights for you.

I wear them proudly on my sleeve.

A glimpse into those emerald eyes.

A simple smirk upon your face.

Hand outstretched, I pull you near.

Your gaze soon dissipates my fear.

Growing, giving, changing all for me.

This love is stronger than it seemed.

Blazing trails throughout the wood.

Paths we carve within the sand.

Strides united with this passion.

And on as one we walk again.





About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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