You Walk Away

When I count these days on paper.
Turning pages, frantic
flipping through my mind.
Each moment blurred.
Each hour runs together.
Sleeping little since you left.
Lying listless in our bed.
Hopeful glances. Weary eyes.
I never thought this would be easy.
Nothing worth it ever is.
Fighting demons took its toll.
You broke me in. You broke me down.
You broke all I had.
Picture you inside her heart
Inside her arms.
I shut it out. I shut it down.
I’ll never win this game of chance.
Folding at the start, never betting in.
Have you felt that I am worth it?
Do you miss me when I’m gone?
Can you tell me why you left me?
Will you ever love again?
I feel the shift beneath us.
We’re never steady never still.
Boards creak, growing weaker through the years.
Each ravaged from endless war.
Constant battle in my head.
I try to fight, you notice when.
My lips refuse to move, mouth shut.
I let you know my feelings with my eyes.
I’m giving up. I’m giving in.
I let you win. I always did.
Escaped my grasp, you slip away.
Too scared to blink, I’m frozen here.
Grew to need, I grew to care.
This love was always real.
I did all I could to make you stay.
My heart was always in your hands.
Your choice was made.
Regrets begin to fray.
Feeling down. I’m cashing in.
Calling out. You walk away.
I graze your hand this final time.
To proud, to hurt to say goodbye.
I only hope you never saw me cry.
My heart was never yours to take.
I’m giving up. I’m giving in.
I let you win. I always did.


About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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