Unsuspecting victim in this crime of passion.

Completely unaware of what’s to come.

Double take confirms suspicion of what I knew.

Of what I felt inside, afraid to face.

Averted eyes, head burrowed in my thoughts.

Breathing deeply, biting lips, heart racing.

Escape paths plotted out inside my mind.

The way out of this unforgiving snare.

To save myself from the wicked trance

Hope of a potential connections pulls me in.

I push away.

The beating in my chest, each up and down.

Breathing in and out.

Feeling it now.

Unmistakable, the signs tough to ignore.

Not the first time I’ve been here before.

Can’t run away, glances interlock

On each others radar

Pulse rate soars.  Knees feeling weak.

Straighten out my backbone.

Try and quiet all these nerves.

Try to silence out my head.

Each word she says a whisper.

Her lips softly brush my ear.

A wave of tingles up my spine.

Electric moments then take over.

I no longer have control.

I am your slave.

She takes my hand and guides me.

Bodies touching, skin to skin.

I feel her breath upon my neck.

Every movement, every sigh.

Enveloped in the passion

Magnetism sets the mood.

We had no choice.

I lay in bed. I’m dreaming.

Flashing images of you.

Wanting that which moves me.

Wanting what will never be.


About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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