Two Roads Diverged in a Wood

I was lying on the floor of my parent’s living room today, sprawled out, fan blowing cool air in my face, watching a repeat of “House Hunters” on HGTV when it happened. I had an itch.

And it just wouldn’t go away.

I couldn’t shake it.

Nothing from the medicine cabinet could mask the symptoms. Nope.

I got the itch to go tackle nature today. Unfortunately for me–it was one of the hottest days of recent memory. And not only that, oh no, not only that…but it was so warm, moist and humid that I honestly found myself gagging several times at the overwhelming disgustingness of the surrounding environment.

Damn man, I pine for life in a location where the air is dry, cool, refreshing and soothing for the soul. I don’t want, nor need, this east Texas air hanging heavy and thick as thieves constantly weighing me down–languidly sauntering about at a snail’s pace. It’s awful.

But, when nature calls, you hear it. And you abide by it’s wishes.. The call of the wild and such. I am feeling strangely drained of artistic juices. Creatively stifled by the tedious mundanity of everyday life.

Begin tirade: I hate how work no longer consists of any real work. It’s all a charade to me. Sure, you might feel tired after a long day in the office. But, to me–there is so much bull shit floating around the career world that it ceases to be an essential element of human survival –and thus unimportant to me. You know, I really ache for a real job requiring strength of character, strength of mind, ad strength of body. One where I’m gonna get a little dirty. One where I might have to partake in actual physical labor (GASP!) I don’t want busy work. I don’t want to do something that doesn’t fulfill me, that I don’t view as an intrinsic part of the cycle of life. Weird, yeah. So. I’m weird. Shocker.

But, seriously…I hate that we have become so reliant upon distractions to get us through the day. We crave indoor activities that keep us away from that which invigorates and refreshes us. We bitch and complain about every aspect of our lives. We are whiners. Class A douchey whiners. And so much of this would be alleviated if we were in touch with nature in some form or fashion.

We need the fresh air. We need the soothing sounds of the breeze blowing in the trees, of the waves crashing into cragged shorelines, of the hum and whir of insects and birds flitting about. We need to see the amber wheat dancing and swaying to the rhythm of the wind, the mind-numbingly beautiful color palettes of mother earth’s flora and fauna, the majestic peaks of the snow capped Cascades–just of all the natural beauty in the world. It’s out there. And we choose to hole ourselves up in our manufactured boxes (little boxes made of ticky tack), dulling our minds with video games, soaking up scripted slapstick sitcoms on the television, staring into a retina-burning computer screen for hours on end. This is what we do with our time. This is our life. Things. Materialism.

We just don’t fucking need it. We think we do. We think we need it. But, it’s just what we have evolved to believe. It’s what society has taught us to believe. Sure weaning off of the super happy funtimes that these things provide us would be tough. No question. It would take some detoxing, but with time we would regain our ability to live our lives free of diversions and fabricated amusements.

But, that’s just not going to happen.

So, instead of that drastic change in direction, I choose the alternative route–and that is to peel my pale light-sensitive ass away from the couch and out into the sunshine–forcing my vampire-self to soak up the rays and enjoy the outdoors the way we all should.

Today was one of those days. Lots of running. Lots of spider webs dodged. Lots of sweat. Lots of delusions of being stalked. Lots of memories from the past. Lots of discoveries and learning opportunities.

My dog, Raleigh and I (Harper is on the DL with a bum paw), ventured out into the wild–or perhaps more accurately– into the sparse forests of our suburban neighborhood. We weren’t risking life and limb here. We were traversing over trails worn with years of wear from kids, dogs and deer. I more or less know what to expect out there. But, of course, I am always wary. It is dangerous. I have experience with this. However, everything worth doing has a little bit of a risk factor to it. And that’s what makes it fun!

I took my camera with me and documented some of it. Enjoy:

Yes I was born this badass (dorkish). The beginning of the adventure.

I love when the sun shines through the trees. So beautiful.

Trail that I know well.

Stuff. Nothing interesting. An amalgam of weeds, purple flowers, pine saplings, and other greenery.

We have a shit ton of coniferous pines here. These are babies. You can see Raleigh's head right der.

Sigh. Love these trails.

Tree uprooted during Hurricane Ike last year. I saw three today.

Here I am professoring your ass and showing you a root of the downed tree.

Anotha downed tree. Sad. Interesting how shallow the roots go.

A fallen log with intersting colors, patterns, textures, etc. I love this.

Same log. Out of focus. With some green and brown.

One of the few pieces of evidence that fall is upon us.

What are these doing here?

Escaped the forest! Raleigh is thanking me for jumping across a creek with an elevated embankment with her in my arms. I appreciate the snuggle kisses.

Our neighborhood really is pretty.

My face of discontent. WANT HOME NOW. NO MORE NATURE.

My street!

And.... death. Well, right after I took this picture, duh.


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