I Can Haz Snuggle?

This morning my dad decided I needed to start earning my keep around here.  So, I was dragged out of my warm, comfy, pillowy paradise at 5am.  Now, that might seem normal for most of you conformists who contribute to society on a daily basis.  But, yeah, that’s not me.  I ain’t on y’alls twisted sick schedule.  I wake up around 9am on a good day–when I can actually get some sleep!

We had to be out of the house by 6 to make it to the school on time.  Oh, yeah, my dad’s a photographer.  In the past he did all sorts of types of photography, but he’s kind of dwindled it down to sports teams and what not.  So, today was junior high football.  Those bitches have to be at school to practice before the sun is even out!  It was pitch black out there for about an hour.  Crazy shit.

Anyways, I was basically his slave all morning.  I didn’t mind.  I did not complain once.  And won’t.  I like to work.  I do whatever task I’m granted to the best of my ability no matter what the circumstances–I’m not necessarily satisfied with mediocrity.  And there was only one time where I thought about running home in fear of what would come next (we live, like, one mile from the school)–and that was when the flash wasn’t working (a very important part of pre-dawn photography!) and my dad was FUHREAKING out.  I am uncomfortable watching other people be uncomfortable–especially when there is absolutely nothing I could do except for watch the inevitable train wreck that was to come.

By some grace of god, we got it rigged up to where if I held part of the flash JUSTSO it would work–most of the time.   And the rain also held off until RIGHT when we were pulling away.   THANK YOU JESUS. OR WHOEVER.

My job was to keep the 12 year old boys in order–make sure they stayed in some semblance of a line.  To take their name, jersey number and team–to write that down on the “Shoot List”, take their order form and money, then pose them– left knee here, right leg here, angle this way, left hand cradling the football on top of the helmet, right hand on the knee, etc. etc.  And then balance this flash piece in my left hand the whole time.  Sigh.

8th grade is tomorrow.  OH FREAKING BOY.

Anyways, I actually needed a coat out there today.  I was trying to look professional and shit–I put on black dress pants, a black button down, black converse (lol), black glasses, black hair–I was pulling a Johnny Cash for real.  I got hit on by a coach–awkward.  And a 7th grade student–double awkward.

But, the point is… it was kinda nipply, I mean nippy out!  Definitely in the low 60’s.  Which, in case you didn’t know, is like sub-fucking-arctic down here in Tejas.

Case in point:

Can you please let these dogs know that the snows not a-comin’-this-a-way!  It is not time, nor will it ever be time, to bury their snouts in their coats!   Pathetic!


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Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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