Speaking of Pandas

So, back in July my girlfriend and I (along with my mom) took a scholarly field trip to the Sam Houston Museum in Huntsville, TX.  I doubt most people outside of the Lone Star State even know who the fuck that is.  But, he’s a big deal in Texas… literally:

File:Sam Houston Statue.jpg

and figuratively.

He is perhaps most famously known for his role as  general during the Battle of the San Jacinto– where Texas won its independence from Mexico.  The famous portrait “Surrender of Santa Ana” depicts this significant moment in American history.


ANYWAYS… the history dork in me escapes sometimes–that was my majuh in college ya know.

So, Huntsville is like a 45 minute drive from my hometown–and we would go to the State Park there ALL the time.  Like…every year during my youth for a field trip.  And it was always awesome!  I remember buying a bad ass catapult there, a coonskin cap a la Davey Crockett, and a real life blacksmith nail!   The very first time I had fresh kettle corn was at one of the festivities there.  I always dug it.   Going inside the ACTUAL home where he resided–and then the residence where he died–is so insane to me.  Like unbelievably crazy.

It’s even more awesome as an adult!

We went to the Steamboat House where Sam Houston passed away.


And right at the end of it–on the other side of the massive staircase in the front is this bamboo forest!  No clue where it came from.  My mom said when she went to school at Sam Houston State University that it was not there.  But, that was, like, forty years ago!

Any way… I could not pass up the opportunity to play in the forest like a panda bear!  Nom nom nom!

DH060036.jpg picture by sunnyday04

DH060037.jpg picture by sunnyday04

DH060040.jpg picture by sunnyday04

CopyofDH060038.jpg picture by sunnyday04

DH060039.jpg picture by sunnyday04

So, I actually had a baller time out there.  I like Huntsville–as a once a year kinda outing.  They have some pretty killer antique stores–ones that make you absolutely dizzy trying to scan over all of the trinkets and treasures.  I always pretend that those two story buildings are haunted–what with their antiquated air conditioners, creaking wood floorboards and squeaky rocking chairs.  They are all totally possessed. And I love them.


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