Ode to the Red Rubber Ball

Let me tell you about the best dog toy ever purchased.

Spot Zap Ball Flash 'N Sound Dog Toy

Yeah, that’s right.  That little red rubber ball of smiles and rainbows is called the Spot Zap Ball Flash ‘N Sound Dog Toy and can be found at PetCo.  It is made of a really durable material that Raleigh has yet to destroy–which is actually quite impressive, I must say.

According to the manufacturer the Spot Zap Ball is awesome because:

  • Entertain your dog with the ball that lights up on impact, then whistles, chirps, rings, and much more
  • Flashing ball makes eight different wacky sounds when it’s whacked on a hard surface
  • Great for day or night play

A lot of that shiz is true.  It does make sounds that are awfully similar to the emergency signals my old school electronic ambulances and police cars made.  I kid you not!  They aren’t good sounds.  They are annoying.  BUT! The dog loves it.  Or she loves to try to kill it.

And… it does light up!  But, I would not recommend playing in the dark, because it does not STAY lit up.  It only lights up for a short period of time and then shuts off.  SO… if your dog can’t find it–there is no chance of you finding it!

We keep it indoors–it’s one of her special time indoor happytime playtoys.  Don’t we all of those?  Heh.  TMI?  Yes.

At any rate, she is literally obsessed with this ball.  I will try to get some video of her obsession tomorrow.  It’s hilarious.  I mean, I feel sorry for her brain racing at a tetratrillion miles per hour.  She’s like a crack/meth head + speed + adderall + insane.  It’s fun for me, but I worry about her little whacked out bunny heart sometimes.

I have noticed that the sound started to be hit or miss with this ball pretty quickly after purchasing it.  But, that could be faulty batteries.  Whatever.  It’s still the pimpest toy, like, evah.

DH000009.jpg picture by sunnyday04

This picture is amazing for so many reasons. 1) the little red ball. 2) i'm lying on the floor with a guitar 3) Raleigh is being obsessed 4) I'm lying my head on a bunch of dirty clothes and finally 5) my dad is acting as a lighting professional by angling the lamp just so... LOL

DSCF6268.jpg picture by sunnyday04

I had a long night.  Two consecutive days of no sleep.  I’m wearing my pajamas from yesterday.  It’s nighttime. Mosquitoes are swarming.  My dad asks me to go outside and pose so that he could check his photo equipment.  I carried the ball with me.  And made a gangsta/pouty face.  BadASS

DSCF626844.jpg picture by sunnyday04

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Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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