Silver rain was falling down upon the dirty streets of London Town

This was taken on Denmark Street in London back in April of last year.  I think this was mere minutes after I got the first of what I hope to be five tattoos.  I was fascinated by the stores lined with guitars–brands that I was completely unfamiliar and taken aback by.  And I was even more intrigued by the fact that they call picks PLECTRUMS!   I mean what kind of word is that?

At any rate–Denmark Street was allegedly where Elton John wrote “Your Song,” which is pretty damn cool.

And this was me playin’ the Beatles “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”  Possibly a highlight of the trip for me considering I can only dream of ever being able to afford a guitar like the ones I played while over seas.

This was a year and some change ago–I’m a lot more proficient now!  I promise.  Heh.

That trip will always be remembered for many reasons.

  • For having one of my friends son’s fall in love with me for my Star Wars knowledge (he is just a little kid!), my Lego knowledge and my proficiency with video games.
  • When said child informed us that we could not have sex in his room.
  • For freezing our ass off in Glasgow and then venturing off to peruse the stores for “waistcoats” or as the Americans call them–“vests.”  This is where I learned what a TK Maxx was.  It’s the same damn thing as a TJ Maxx.  So strange.
  • Seeing a real live Loch!  But, not the Loch Ness monster.  Sad panda.
  • For going to the Canal–the gay village in Manchester
  • For all the late night talks about nothingness and sometimes of real substantial things.  In Manchester particularly.
  • For the train rides getting to see the immense beauty of green green rolling hills.
  • Getting drunk off Absinthe and then watching a Brandi Carlile show in the same bar.
  • Meeting some really amazing Brits
  • Being cold as FUCK every single minute of the day
  • Surviving off of pickles, crackers, coffee and alcohol
  • The fact that they have a kick ass sense of fashion there
  • All the men-folk dressed up in suits all the time!
  • The bomb threat at the mall lolz
  • Being SMITTEN the whole time by my current girlfriend.  We had just hung out for the first time the day before I left on my trip.
  • Getting those myspace messages from Em and feeling so happy and in love.
  • Having a really good conversation with Brandi and her little sister after the show in Manchester.  They are both great/genuine folks.  And she was sweet to me and telling me how proud she was of me coming out to my parents the day before the trip.
  • Giving Brandi that Elton John book in Glasgow and playing the game of “pick a page and I’ll sing the lyrics.”  She kind of kicked ass at that.
  • Her being drunk as fuck at that show and spilling whiskey on the stage.
  • The long ass flight from hell.
  • Being so tired sometimes on the “tube” that I assumed that I would pass out and be forgotten by my friends.
  • Being so cold one night while standing outside a pub that my lips turned blue.
  • That the boys over there are so metro that I could find lots of cool shirts that fit me since they like ’em fitted and snug.
  • The H&M store.  Baller!
  • Our conversations after the Glasgow show with our Irish friends..and then the one weird guy who no one really knew joining in.  It was cold that night.  And we took a photo of us in the bathroom.  So odd. Heh.
  • The random family on the tube that started to talk to us.
  • Not ever understanding anyone that started to talk to us.
  • Shayna looking like Brett Dennen 100 percent of the time. LOL
  • Seeing a castle!
  • Drinking coffee at this place called Nero’s a million times.
  • The fact that everyone eats fruit on the go.  Shit ton of apples.
  • Dyllan the tour manager from hell.
  • Football with the twins in the alley of the venue in Leeds
  • Denmark Street
  • Getting tatted up.
  • The funny words
  • Paying for the loo
  • LittleLostDavid, duh!
  • Nat putting Ray LaMontagne’s “Burn” on the set list. And then it actually getting played.
  • Brandi handing me a guitar-pick during “Dying Day” during her set in Leeds
  • Taking taxis everywhere because Sarah had the monies.
  • Getting lost with Shayna and thinking we’d be abandoned forever.
  • Staying in a hostel with a skull and RIP painted on the outside of it.
  • Matching my hostel bedspread.
  • My bird mittens
  • Sneaking upstairs at King College in London to the bar and getting throwed off of Stella and Corona Light.  But, also having indepth convos with Shayna.
  • Sarah being the drunk girl at that show.
  • Being shocked/appalled/surprised that London shuts down at 10.
  • Finding a real life red telephone booth.
  • The Royal Palace
  • All of the history… I’m a dork about that kind of thing, but it was awesome to just be there.
  • Not having a cell phone for a week
  • Getting a chance to get out of town after coming out to my family.
  • All of the shopping!
  • Nando’s!
  • Being with friends and becoming a little family =)

CIMG1939.jpg picture by sunnyday04CIMG1933.jpg picture by sunnyday04CIMG1958.jpg picture by sunnyday04

Why else that trip was awesome…A video of that whole experience…here:

My crazy friends who cracked my ass up the whole time. Oh Shayna.

Crazy People who dance to Michael Jackson songs just because they are in London and because they can.

Because of the funny accents and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Because of the English Pubs and the British Boys

The history and the scenery:

Seeing Brandi Carlile and littlelostdavid perform in this small ass hell hole in Leeds. Playing football with the twins didn’t hurt either. It took us years to find a real american football and not a goddamn soccer ball!:

Absinthe being legal and available!

And some videos from the concerts my friends and I went to.  My buddies took these vids!


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