Harper’s Bizarre

My collie dog, Harper, is a riot.  I got her at 4 months old–or so I was told.  I took her from a bad situation where she was riddled with fleas, unnamed, under-socialized, afraid of EVERYTHING, had never been on a leash, etc. etc.  She clearly needed help and I wanted to help her.

She’s now 9 months old and just the sweetest little love bug.  Still skittish and wary about a lot of things, but she is so soulful and amazing.  She loves to be pet, scratched on the belly, and receiving any amount of attention from absolutely anybody.   She’s adorable.  And she’s Raleigh’s best friend, which is perhaps even more wonderful.

Anyways, Em and I used to affectionately call her  Horse Face because, well, she has equine features.  She just does.  That long ole nose is ridiculous.  And the coolest thing ever.  I nicknamed her Snouts yesterday–and that moniker has STUCK like glue.  It’s funny.  She’s funny.

Here she is peeking over the top of the six foot privacy fence–with a little help from the dog house, but still impressive and hilarious.

Note her one black nail.  And I DO cut her nails–they just look long ’cause they are extended.

DSCF5736.jpg picture by sunnyday04

DSCF5739.jpg picture by sunnyday04


About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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