Television with Lots of Pity/ TDL Part VII

I’ve already admitted that I have horrid taste in television.  I’m not really ashamed to confess that, because in my opinion–if I’m not watching CNN, Discovery, or the History Channel I’m already watching a shit show.  Because it all is virtually assumed to be anti-intellectual.

But, whatever, I learn new words on “Bones” sometimes.  Shit.  Just the other day I heard “germane” on there–and remembered what a cool ass word it was.  See, my vocabulary expands every day with both the crossword and with television.

Speaking of “Bones”….

I’m not embarrassed by my obsession with that show.  Emily Deschanel is a goddess;  smart and attractive in an interesting way.  She’s socially awkward, but totally kicks ass at life.

I got addicted to this Fox program about two years ago.  So, I was a little late to the game considering that last night marked the series 5th season premiere.  And I admit that when I first tuned in I was not immediately hooked.  I found the premise initially intriguing, but the execution hokey and some of the banter just downright cheesy.

And I still do, to be honest.  But, I’d recommend the show to anyone at this point.  I think it’s smart enough to be incredibly entertaining and funny enough to elicit a couple of laughs each episode.  You just have to get to know the characters beyond the two-dimensional and once you do you will become so damn invested in their story arcs it’s ridiculous.


So, last night was a follow-up to the world’s worst episode of television, like, ever.  The season finale from Season 4 was sofa king bad it was beyond cringe-worthy.  I literally had trouble watching it.  I might be a little hyper-critical of such a show.  But, whatev.  It’s a big budget highly-rated show.  We deserved better than that shit-tastic random ass dream sequence episode!  Oh god it was bad.  It was chock full of references,  obvious allusions, and wasn’t Motley Crue in it?  UGH.

OK, I get it.  Booth was in a coma.  It was a coma-dream based off of whatever the fuck Bones was writing and subsequently reading to Booth while he was in this state.  I understand.

It was just a cheap, easy, and literal way to explain that:  Booth loved Brennan, that the “Squints” would do whatever to protect their own,  that Booth didn’t hate Sweets, and that Booth wanted to be the father to Bones’ spawn.

Get it.  Got it. Good.

So, last night’s episode was very much improved.  Why?  One word.  Well, um, two words:  Cyndi Lauper!   She played a psychic who aided them both with their case and with their lives.  Dawwww.  She brought her thick ole’ New Yawker accent, platinum blonde hair, and made her presence known and appreciated on the show.  I wish she’d have a little bit of a story arc and not just be a throwaway guest star.  She was fun!  She even got to have a bit of a cat-fight.

Anyways, I was really happy with how things evolved.  Apparently Brennan had been in Guatemala or something studying ruins of some sort for the period of time Booth was recovering from his brain surgery.  Boring.  Stupid.

BUT!  BUT!  Fun things.  Bones got her self stabbed and was all lying on the floor bleeding and Booth was consoling her in such a loving adorable way.  I might have teared up a little bit.  I’m such a fucking loser.  But, I REALLY like their relationship.  I’m still undecided on what I want to happen with them.  The writers have a big ole’ dilemma on their hands!   They could ruin the show.   I kind of like the sexual tension, personally.  But, they can’t string that along forever, right?

What say you?  Yay or Nay?

Oh, and might as well make this extra special with pictures of Emily Deschanel–she who makes my heart go thump-thump-thump rapidly when she comes on screen.  Something about her drives me wild.  I don’t know if it’s the lisp like thing she has going on, those STUNNING STUNNING eyes, the strong strong jaw line or her elf like features.  Maybe it’s all of it.  She’s HAWT.


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  1. do you say “elf-like features” since her sister played a department store elf in the movie “ELF”?


  2. LOL, no. But, she really does look like a little elf. More so than even her sister. She’s got the pointy little ears. OR maybe I’m just a weirdo.

    Probably the latter.


  3. they both are very elfin and the family trait of having a slight lisp is intriguing


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