TDL Part V

Kate Moennig

Cousin of Gwenyth Paltrow.  Played Shane on “The L Word.”  Is about to be in some medical drama called “Three Rivers.”   And she is the definition of BAMF.  This chica is the epitome of the playa.  She trounces around LA in this show seducing woman after woman–everyone lusting after her and throwing themselves literally on top of her–despite her being a complete emotional douchebag tool face.  She’s complex, deep, intricate, whatev.  But, she also screws people over after screwing them.  However, the fault cannot be placed upon our dear Shane because everyone knows shes that type of lady.  Still though… I always wanted her to be stable and happy.

But, she wasn’t.  She was just hot as hell…. that tall, androgynous, deep sexy voice, and her chiseled rock hard body was just too much for me.  Sure her hair was suspect at least all the time, but she wore ties well.  And we all know ties can be a fun accessory.  Ahem.

I just feel like even straight women want her.  OR she’s at least a gateway to gayness.  She’s dude enough to be attractive to “straight” women.  And she’s gay enough to make ’em curious.  I thank Kate for this.

Yeah, she needs a bath and a good scrub down. But, ahem, that could be fun too. Sigh.

Mmmmhmmm watch these:  (not at work lolz)

If you haven’t been laid or seen your girlfriend in awhile–don’t watch this:


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