Suck it, I do read the Paper. TDL Part III

Tina Fey
Oh dear.  I want to do bad bad things with her–like, watch Fox News or indulge in carbocide at Taco Cabana.  She would be my best friend who I slept with sometimes.  Remember…remember that one episode where she kind of went gay!  Episode of what you ask?  30 Rock you dimwit.  Keep up, ya hear?

Anyways, she got set up with a chick on a blind date because her shoes were totally bi-curious (Chucks) and her boss thought she was straight up dyke.  And she entertained the idea until she got to the sex shit and she wasn’t all about that.  But, she hinted that she’d let this other chick do things to her.  And, hell that’s really all I want.  She’s gay enough to make me think I’d have a shot.  I could woo her with my Star Wars knowledge, for sure.  I have a lightsaber collection, you know.  Take that as you will.

Tina Fey is a sexy sexy lady.  She’s got the glasses thing going that makes my heart thump-thump loudly inside my chest.  She’s got the mysterious scar on her face.  She talks out of one side of her mouth… And she’s a complete nerdy doofus who has no shame.  I love that.  I LOVE THAT in people.  Such an attractive quality–I mean if you can’t make fun of yourself then you fail completely as a human being.

I know that Liz Lemon is technically a character she plays–but I like to think she’s somewhat like that in real life.  Smart, sexy and hilarious.  And yeah totally adorkable.

A better question–what self-respecting woman doesn’t have a girl-crush on her!?

If you still don’t like her. Please watch these!!!


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Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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