To Do List Part 2-2.5

Tegan & Sara

My favorite fast-talkin’, bantering, Canadian twins ever.

I’m way more of a Tegan fan, y’all.  I think Sara has a crazy ass sense of style that is just near impossible for me to support.  I mean the one time I saw her live and in the flesh at ACL last September  she was wearing Mom jeans.  Literally.  It was horrifying.  She’s got such a fit bangin’ body.  She needs to take some fashion advice from Tegan, lol.  But, then again–she’s clearly the more femme of the two–and some chicks are into that.  So, I guess keep rockin’ that look Sara.  You are fucking hot no matter what you wear, or don’t wear.

They are identical twins, but not really.  I mean, if you can’t tell them apart you fail.  Tegan has the fuller rounder face.  Sara’s got the gaunter chiseled look goin’ on.  Sarah just has a girlier look to her.  Plus they are just sofa king different in terms of who they are as individuals–there’s the almost emo, loving, heartfelt, romantic and then there’s the love-em-and-leave ’em, take no shit, true love doesn’t exist one.   But, when the two of them combine wonderful music is created.  They are both bloody brilliant.   They are literate, worldly, intelligent but scathingly hilarious at the same time.

Smart, funny, and talented as hell.   Oh and smokin’ hot.  These girls got it all.

Tegan & Sara @ Chicago by ktaana.
Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

tegan & sara by ktaana.

TeganSara @ The Rivera in Chicago 10/08 by matt2thewatt.

Studio - Tegan by ktaana.

Why else are they awesome?  Sigh.

Watch them on Pancake Mountain

Funniest shit ever: Warning Gayness Abounds


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