My Tastes. Or Lack thereof.

I’m a hopeless HGTV addict.  I don’t like all of the shows, mind you.  I typically DVR five or six of them regularly–Property Virgins,  House Hunters, My First Place, Renovation Realities, Real Estate Intervention and Bang for your Buck.  And oh how I love these.   It’s so strange because at the rate I’m going, I’ll probably NEVER buy a house!  But, I just have this intense fascination with interior decor and honing my own vision of what I like and what I would want in my dream house.

I’ve always had my opinions on what looked good–and these viewpoints never waver upon the criticism of others.  I kind of march to the beat of my own drummer and can only be swayed by realism and practicality.  If some expert on wood flooring tells me that my dogs would destroy this particular grain of wood because it’s too soft–then I would amend my vision slightly.  But, only slightly.  If some haughty housewife informed that something I was partial to was out of style–well I’d surely not give two shits.

I’ve already determined that if by some act of the gods I do stumble upon the means to purchase a home–I’ve come to the conclusion that I would never want some colossal spread.  I just need a minimal amount of space.  I could be perfectly content with an abode stretching from 800-1500 feet.  It all depends on the layout.  An open concept home could be small, but feel much bigger.

Smaller homes are just so much more maintainable, affordable,  and less wasteful than their 4,000 feet counterparts.  You don’t need that much space. I’m going to have two dogs, two cats, and one partner.   I don’t need a fucking mansion.

So, anyways.  What I want in my dream home.

Wood floors to serve as the foundation upon which everything else is built.  The color is so important.  The type of wood is so important.  And I honestly love a lot of different types.  Reclaimed wood can be amazing.  Brazilian Teakwood is beautiful.  I love the vintage feel that comes to mind when you imagine a gritty old wild west saloon.   Wide planks, hardy, already stained and beat up.

But, the idea I have in my head is a dark dark wood.

Some options:

Dark Patagonian Rosewood

Mohawk Brazilian Cherry Dark

Brazillian Walnut

Black Walnut

A nice laminate option:

Krono Vario Black Oak

The only way I would be swayed away from the dark dark wood floors would be if my ladyfriend wanted the pegged plank vintage look that reminds of ships and the salty seas.  I’m a sucker for that type of look and weathered feel.

Another feature I would love to have in my little home:
Exposed Brick

Warehouse Lofts:  I do realize that with the higher ceilings comes astronomical electric bills.  But, whatever.  It would be less than living in a McMansion.

Exposed Ductwork

White Down Comforter:

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Granite Countertops

Color is still being determined, but I might be apt to lean towards a darker granite and a lighter cabinetry.  Such as this:


Dark Cabinetry with Light Grainte: If I’m lucky with the frosted glass cabinets.

I like the cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling though.  And hardware is SO important.  I like simple silver pieces.

Stainless Look Appliances:

Not really stainless steel because it is impossible to keep clean and it is just a never ending process of wiping finger prints off.  This is faux stainless.  Same clean lines and sharp contemporary look to it.  But, chepear and easier to maintain.

Vanity in the Bathroom that is Flippin’ Sweet

Fun fancy shower toys!

Relaxing Awesome Travertine Shower Tile:

or maybe with Subway Tile

Peaceful Bedroom

Modern Backsplash in the Kitchen

Stacked Stone Fireplace:

Archway–Interesting Architecture:

Blackout Shades

Pimp Paint Colors

If I have to get a house and not a sweet loft.  It must be a Cape Cod or a Log Cabin

Bed Frame that is King Size, Black, Wooden and Sleigh-ish

Recessed Lighting everywhere.  Except for Pendant Lights in Kitchen:

Framed Prints:


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Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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  1. I am interested in buying that white down comforter. Where would I be able to get that exact one? And also that tree collage picture frame. Thanks


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