Reasons to Date Me/ Be My Friend

As a follow up to the post that receives more views than most on my blog: “Reasons to Not Date/Befriend Me.” This is one that will hopefully make people realize that I’m not all crazy bad, but am also crazy cool. Like Snoopy. Or like James Dean.

1) My relationship is always my top priority in my life.

2) I’m loyal to a fault. If you need me, I will be there for you–no matter what.

3) I’m a great listener. Not only do I hear you, but I comprehend, I take mental notes and store them away for when they are necessary. If you mentioned eight months ago you hate tamales then you better believe I will never try and serve them to you. If you said in passing how you liked a painting then I will remember come Christmas time exactly where we were and which piece you were interested in–and I will buy you three by that artist. I don’t forget. I’m like an elephant. But, not the Republican ones.

4) I’m extremely passionate. If you capture my heart and my interest. I am yours forever. And all it takes to continue to have my utmost devotion is my feeling that I’m valued and appreciated. Unspoken love unfortunately does not register with me.

5) I have an awesome family who you will actually WANT to be around. They make everyone feel comfortable and loved. They will buy you presents and get to know you on an almost friend level.

6) I clean up pretty well. I have an uniquely charming sense of style and I can gussy myself up enough to where you’d be proud to have me on your arm.

7) But, on the other hand I’m fine being dressed down too. I’m not fussy and have no issue wearing basketball shirts, sports bra and tank top around.

8 ) I LOVE doing outdoor activities. Being active, moving around, goofing off, playing without any hesitation or inhibition. And I’m actually an awesome athlete so I won’t embarrass anyone.

9. I’m a pretty decent writer and guitar player… and those talents combined lead to really deeply romantic and caring love letters and declarations–as well as nightly serenades of your favorite songs.

10. I make those I love feel like they are the most important and special people in the world. I truly admire and respect those who I am with–friends or lovers. And I am not shy to compliment. But, I don’t overdo it. Everything I say is genuine and with the most sincerity I can muster. I just think people need to be reminded of how amazing and important they are.

11. I’m versatile. I can be who you want me to be. If you want to lounge around and be couch potatoes, that’s cool. If you want me to boy-it-up and play football or basketball, I’m game. If you want to nerd it up and play video games and eat pizza, I can do that. If you want to glam it up and make me wear a skirt and fashion top and go out clubbing, I can do that. I do what I need to to make the other person happy.

12. I’m rather insightful and relatively intelligent–and I have my own views on everything in life. I don’t let myself be affected by other people. I make up my own mind. I come to my own conclusions, and that leads to interesting conversation.

13. I’m shy, but I don’t show it.

14. I’m a professional snuggle-bear.

15. I go out of my way to do sweet things for those who I love.

16. I don’t require much outside of understanding, calm demeanor, reminding me you love me, and sleeping by me at night.

17. I never lie.

18. I come with two amazing little bundles of fur and awesomeness: Raleigh and Harper.

19. I understand myself enough to where I am aware of my flaws and how to control them…mostly.

20. I don’t talk shit about you to my friends, ever. I blame myself for most all problems.

21. I’m 100% genuine.

22. In general I’m far more concerned with your happiness than my own. I love to please in every way. And am like a puppy dog that you actually want kisses from and that does not shit on the floor or chew up your things.

23. I’m kind of funny sometimes.

24. I’m concerned about my image, but not in an overly vain way. I like to stay in shape, but I’ll overindulge on chips, salsa, fajitas and margaritas.


About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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