Proof That I Have No Life.

So, I was bored today and started filling out these things called “LivingSocial” on facebook–but really it’s more appropriate to dub them “LivingUnsocially,” because truly that’s what it amounts to.  It’s me sitting here, huddled in the computer nook of our house, lights off, blanket wrapped around my shoulders–typing away on the computer not wanting to leave the house.

But, I think some of the things I fill out are pretty telling of who I am as a person.  If you get to know me intrinsically… read some of this shiz.    I think I’m the most bizarre person I know.  I’m at once romantic, passionate, tragic, emotional and yeah a little batshitcrazy.  But, I think I’m kind of a diamond in the rough in a lot of ways.  I have nothing to offer a girlfriend other than my words, my heart and my devotion.   That’s more than a lot of people though, ya?

Things that Make Me Happy (in no particular order)

1. Stormy nights whilst laying in bed.  Lights off. Lightning flashing right outside your window.  Thunder rhythmically lulling you to sleep.  You hear the alarm sounding off on the weather channel and you are a little scared, but would rather enjoy the natural phenomena and adrenaline rush than actually prepare for disaster.  It’s peace for me.

2. Sweet texts/emails/notes from special people.  Self explanatory.

3.  The little gestures that someone does just because they know you like it and not expecting anything in return.

4. Cloudy, dark, day when the chance of rain is slim.  It’s more like the sun is just taking a break from providing light–and that’s ok because I prefer the dimness.

5. Nature at it’s most basic.  The woods, the mountains, the river–just nature and myself.

6. Long walks in the cold–either alone or with someone to snuggle up to.  Breath visible with each exhale.  Your silhouette dancing against the dark sky.  Hands and lips ache from the biting cold, but you still keep them exposed in order to hold and kiss the one you love.

7.  Bear Hugs–the type that last and linger.  When your body is so pressed up against another entity you feel that you might suffocate.  But, the comfort is so great that you endure it because if you die, at least you passed on loved and warm.

8. Sweet little Baby Nanimals– I mean, c’mon… I was walking out of Barnes and Noble the other day and made my friend come back inside because the cover of a book with a widdle baby bunny on the front caught my eye.  They are so cute, and so adorable and can make me smile even when I feel like shit.

9.  Mexican Food– Oh man, nothing makes me happier inside than Tex-Mex food.  MY GOD.  I can inhale that stuff.  Chips, salsa, green sauce, rice, refried beans, warm flour tortillas (none of that corn shit!), avocado, queso, zomg I’m experiencing a mouthgasm right now.  Of course, after eating this type of food I feel nothing but guilt and sadness.  But, it is amazing during the mealtime.

10.  Kisses on the cheek/forehead– Ok, kisses anywhere are awlsome–but these are especially cute and sweet.  They aren’t sexual.  They aren’t looking to go anywhere.  They aren’t anything but a gesture of love.  And that to me is what it’s all about.

11.  Good sleep in a cold dark room– Mmmhmmm.  The colder the better.  If it were up to me, I’d set the thermostat on about 60 degrees every night.  I’d then staple black solar curtains onto the sun, stars and moon and enjoy nothing but darkness.

12. Superbad– This movie has served as my pacifier in recent weeks.  I guess any really funny flick would suffice here.  But, this one in particular has been a godsend through my last month of hell.

13.  Making someone important to you happy, excited or smiling–or just seeing someone important to you happy, excited or smiling!   That to me is blissful.

14. Days at the beach in winter– Aw.  Few crowds.  Gray skies.  Quiet waves gently knocking at the sand’s doors.  The colors are bleak and amazing.  I also REALLY enjoy being at the beach when a storm is coming–the more hurricane-y the better.  Oooooh, yes.

15.  Listening to someone play the guitar or piano– Something about talent, man.  I adore it.  I soak it up.  I bask in it.  I roll in it like a dog rolls in dead animal carcasses.  The prettier the chick the better.

16. The wagging rump of my dog, Raleigh, every single time I come home.  A lot of dogs do this–but Rawls is particularly adorable–I could be gone for ten minutes and I’m greeted as if she hasn’t seen me in FUCKING FUREVER!   And since she doesn’t have a tail… she just shakes her ass furiously.  It’s the most endearing quality, ever.

17. Being at an event with copious amounts of atmosphere where everyone knows that they are witnessing something exciting or historic.  What immediately pops into my mind was being at a Houston Astros game back in 2005 during the play-offs.  Electric.  Tears in the eyes kind of joy.  You can’t make this shit up.  Sometimes sports really are that important and special.

18. Taking a deep, clean, refreshing and cool breath of mountain air at the break of dawn.

19. Christmas time.  The entire two weeks surrounding Christmas are filled to the brim with anticipation of the most glorious kind.  It’s not the religious aspect to me–it’s the family, it’s the friends, it’s the love that you can feel embrace you with its all encompassing ways.   It’s a special holiday and if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful family, then you know what I’m talking about.

20. Having someone you love grab your hand unexpectedly and without reason–just because they crave that physical touch stemming from an emotional bond.  Sigh.

Speaking of happy things.  I love family.  I don’t always iterate it enough, but I think I’ve been blessed with a kick-ass familial unit.  And I also love dogs–especially Collies–and the bond that forms between human and dog.  I think it’s adorable.   And after having a less than fantastic German Shepherd named Heidi (one who literally was possessed by Satan) pass away recently, my great aunt Marie (who is in her 90’s y’all), just got a new pup named Sandy.  Yup, it’s a Collie.  And this picture I received today just warmed my heart to pieces.  Apparently they have bonded.


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Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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