Bath Time at the Big Hut

Today was el dia de bano at the Smith household.  I used to own a Siberian Husky named Alfie.  And the one perk about owning a Sibe is that they hardly ever need baths.  They have skin and fur that is naturally odor-free and they groom themselves like cats!   And since they have such a thick thick thick double coat it is intrinsic to make sure their fur is dried completely after a bath–which, by the way, is bitchtastic.  ‘Cause blow-drying a dog’s hair for over an hour is not only tiring and a bit silly–but very very difficult and taxing on ones patience.   This just in!  Dogs don’t love loud noises or sitting stills

So, anyways–that was awesome about Alfie.  No baths!  But, there was a shit-ton of shedding, escaping, cat eating, and being an all around punkass to make the bad outweigh the good.

ANYWAYS, now I clearly have a Rough Collie and an Australian Shepherd.  Both are puppers and under a year old–and both are outdoor dogs.  They won’t be forever, but until they grow up and don’t eat absolutely everything in front of them….they are forced to sleep on the concrete.

So, they are playful, dirty, smelly and mischievous–they get into shit of all kinds constantly and thus need baths.  On top of all of this, the collie, Harper, has an ongoing skin condition–most likely inherited called seborrhea.  She’s a sensitive little soul and her skin is not a fan of the Texas allergens.  So, after an infection that cost a pretty penny to get cured up, we now give her frequent baths with special shampoos to prevent further problems.

We took her to Banfield at Petsmart and they prescribed us with GlenHaven products, which I have to say have worked miracles on her fur and skin.

Product 1) GlenHaven Medicated Shampoo with Benzoyl Peroxide

-Antimicrobial, Degreasing, Follicular Flushing

Product 2:  GlenHaven F3/S:

Aids in the Relief of Strong Fungal and Bacterial Infections

And including the addition of GlenHaven’s A1/N, which is an oral liquid skin supplement with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Omega-6 Fatty Acids and antioxidants, a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement and puppy advil, we finally have Harper up and running again. 🙂

Raleigh, however, we bathe with DermCare Anti-Bacterial Medicated Shampoo from PetSmart.  It cost about 16 bucks, but is really phenomenol stuff.

“Specially formulated with sulfur, salicylic acid and triclosan to soothe and heal dermatitis and seborrhea conditions. Relieves itching and leaves coats shiny.”

So, with the medical stuff outta the way.  I can show you pictures I took on bath day.  Both dogs react differently to their banos.   Harper is a trooper.  She willingly swims when given the opportunity and stands their calm as a cucumber while she gets sudded up.  Raleigh, on the other hand, LOVES water, but hates baths.  I don’t understand how that works.  But,  her favorite game EVER is “water hose,” which entails nothing more than chasing the water out of the hose.  That’s it.  But, it’s the best damn game evah, guys.  So, you’d think she’d adore cool refreshing baths–but no.  She hates ’em.
However, neither are awful and they are certainly a joy to watch post-grooming session.  They play hardcore, and then retreat to re-dirty themselves in the bushes or mud.  It’s always a fun time.


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