Song of the Day: 08/30/09

Today’s song is brought to you by the fact that I listen to this on repeat in my car and tilt my head back in uncontrollable laughter fits during every line.  It’s a sad song, in reality.  It’s a commentary of scathing proportions on modern society and it’s infatuation and dependence on “things” to fill our days and lives.  We do live in a world of over consumption, no doubt.  But, I view this song on more of a funny level–because, c’mon how many times have I said that I was a “very busy person” when really all I was doing was watching reruns of reality tv and blogging.  Sigh.  I am one of those people.  At any rate, this one is a bit atypical for me.  It’s poppy with sound effects and shiz–not a soulful acoustic ditty.  In fact it’s kind of dance-like.  However I relate to the lyrics on multiple levels.  Sad, but oh-so-true. And it’s worth a listen, right?

The Limousines:  Very Busy People

we´ll end up numb
from playing video games
and we´ll get sick
of having sex

and we´ll get fat
from eating candy
as we drink ourselves
to death

we´ll stay up late
making mix tapes
photoshopping pictures
of ourselves

while we masturbate
to these pixelated
videos of strangers
fucking themselves

we are very busy people
we are very busy people

there´s crusty socks
and stacks of pizza boxes
making trails straight
to the bed

and when we´re done
sleeping we´ll stay busy
dreaming of the things
we don´t have yet

well there´s a long
long list of chores
and shit to do before
we play oh let´s just
piss away the day

crank call the cops
down at the station
just for friendly
conversation requesting
songs they never play

let´s hear the one
that goes like
we are very busy people
but we´ve always got
time for new friends

so come on over and
knock on our door
it´s open what´s ya
waiting for

we might be spawled
out on the floor
but we still make
lovely company

pull up a chair
i´ll pour some tea
we´ll shoot the shit
´bout everything
til you get sick
of politics and
flip on the tv screen
we stare at the tv screen

that donnie darko DVD
has been repeating for
a week and we know every
single word

i´ve got an ipod
like a pirate ship
i´ll sail the seas
with fifty thousand
songs i´ve never heard
all the best of them
go fa la la la la la la la…

600pxwide_cover_.jpg image by ejvicto

About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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