Song of the Day: 08/29/09

I meant to actually post this one yesterday, but, well I was pre-occupied away from my home-base and thus royally fucked up.  But, it was a good tune too, so suck it up, kids!

This is one by a relative unknown named Gregory Alan Isakov.  He’s a Colorado boy by way of South Africa.  He’s getting some recent fact time opening up for Brandi Carlile and Ani DiFranco.  And I have to say I’m pretty stoked to think he might be making his way into people’s stereos, cd players and mp3 players in the not-so-distant future.

The dude may be a bit more melancholic and relaxing as an artist (that’s my polite way of saying sad and boring), but if the music hits you it hits you hard.  It’s poetry in motion, ya know? I love his almost mumbling way of enunciating and I think the guy is a doll.  I got a chance to talk to him a couple of times during his stint as Brandi’s opening act.  And he’s a really laid-back sweetheart… very humble and amiable.

So, check him out!  This song is called 3am and is on his latest album “This Empty Northern Hemisphere.”

Well, it’s 3AM again, like it always seems to be
Driving northbound, driving homeward, driving wind is driving me.
It just seems so funny how I always end up here
Walking outside in a storm while looking way up past the treeline
It’s been some time

Give me darkness when I’m dreaming, give me moonlight when I’m leaving,
Give me shoes that weren’t made for standing.
Give me treeline, give me big sky, give me snowbound,
Give me rainclouds, give me bedtime just sometimes

Now you’re talking in my room, there ain’t nobody here
Cause I’ve been driving like a trucker, I’ve been wearing through the gears
I’ve been training like a soldier, I’ve been burning through this sorrow
The only talking lately is a background radio

You are my friend and I was a saint
And riding that hope was like catching some train
Now I just walk, but I don’t mind the rain
Singing so much softer than I did back then

Well the night I think is darker, we can really say,
God’s been living in that ocean, sending us all the big waves
And I wish I was a sailor so I could know just how to trust
Maybe I could bring some grace back home to dry land for each of us

Say what you see, you say it so well
Just say you will wait like snow on the rail
Combing that train yard for some kind of saint
Even my own self, it just don’t seem mine

Give me darkness when I’m dreaming, give me moonlight when I’m leaving
Give me mustang horse and muscle, oh, I won’t be going gentle
Give me slandered looks when I’m lying, give me fingers when I’m crying
I ain’t out there to cheat you, see I killed that damn coyote in me

Oh, I didnt mention he was adorable too?

Oh, I didn't mention he was adorable too?


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