Flipping out over Flipping Out

It’s no secret that Bravo and I have had an on again off again relationship for years now.  Whenever I feel betrayed by other channels, those who choose to broadcast shit shows during my waking hours, I’ll desperately dive for the clicker on the other side of the room and switch to Bravo.  I rely on that network to broadcast continuous marathons of the creme de la creme of reality television.  Bravo is who I know I can always  run to when I’m scared of the laugh-tracked sitcoms on cable.  They will welcome my return with open arms and a guarantee that they will repeat that one episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta over and over until I’m lulled into sleepy land.   It’s a comfort that is much appreciated, rest assured.

However, there has been a long break between myself and the Bravo.  I thought our relationship might of been laid to rest permanently.  I met someone else…someone with stainless steel appliances, dark stained wood floors, and grainte countertops… HGTV.  I don’t know what happened, but they offered something that Bravo couldn’t.  It could have been the wide variety of shows…the quirky hosts… or the lack of repeats?  I don’t know.  But, I was wrong.  Once the glitz and glamour wore off, I was left feeling empty inside.  There was no variety.

So, Bravo and I are in that preliminary dating stage again.  It’s awkward and I’m a bit trepidatious about our chances for longevity. We’ll see where it goes, since, you know… Project Runway has absconded away to LIFETIME. Sigh.

But, for right now I’m in lust.  I’m smitten as a kitten, you guys.  New shows abound!  Top ChefRachel Zoe Project! Flipping Out!  ZOMG.  It’s like Christmas for me.

I am most infatuated with the newest season of Flipping Out.  It is a unique show.  The concept and characters are unlikethe bulk of those on television.  And what with the economic status of America–and the downtown of the real estate market–makes for a very interesting season for a professional house flipper.  And so far it hasn’t disappointed.

Jeff Lewis is perhaps my favorite person, like, ever.  He is smart, cunning, mischevious and above all…fucking hilarious.  I want him to live in my pocket and tell me funny bitchy things throughout the day. And then he can come home and make my house look awesome. It’s win-win.  Truly.  But, in all actuality, all of the people on that show are a cut above the rest of reality tv.  Jenny?  Amazing.  Ryan?  Entertaining.  Zoila?  Oh, don’t you even get me started on the brilliance that is Zoila.

By far the best episode. ever.

By far the best episode. ever.

So, anyways, if you get a chance to check out this show, it is truly in your best interest to do so.  It elicits laughter out of me like no other show.  Jeff is so brazen, honest, and going to say whatever the hell he feels like it.  He lacks a censor just as I do.  And the result is hilarity.  He may be kind of a pompous asshold who isn’t always socially or politically correct, but he’s damn good at his job and clearly a class act at heart.

Here’s a collection of clips from the show.  It’s pretty hilarious.


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