And this one’s for the ladies…

Today was a good day in my tiny little musical world.   I am not even close to being one of those people who discover new musicians and bands before they even exist yet.  That’s not me.  Hell, I still don’t think I’ve heard of the Beatles, but I think I might in the upcoming months.  What with the Rockband game coming out and all….

Oh, I jest.  But, truly, I’m not a snob.  I do believe, however, that music has become essential to my survival in this world.  When it’s good it’s really good.  However, as with most things in my life, I hate far more than I enjoy.  I’m incredibly picky and I have to REALLY love a song in its entirety in order to keep it on file in the jukebox inside my brain parts.   It is only on the most rarest of occasions that I will dislike a song’s lyrics and still be able to appreciate it on its other merits.  Very rare.  It has to be one catchy son-of-a-bitch to trick me into falling for it.

But, there are some musicians that I will blindly follow into the dark regardless of any lyrical mishaps–and those gold card carrying artists are:  Brandi Carlile and Tegan and Sara.  All attractive, all supah gay, all wimminz.   Funny thing is, I did not know any of them were lesbians upon drinking their koolaid of awesomeness.  I didn’t know.  I hadn’t even come out at that point to either myself or the world.  So, maybe in an interesting kind of way, they both inspired and comforted me during that transitional period of my life.  And now I just admire them for not letting sexual orientation define them.  It’s a part of them, an important part,  and of course they are proud of their identity… but it’s not all there is to them. –they are not just lesbians….. they are hot lesbians!  Heh.  Joke?  But, not really.

So anyways there has been a lot of news recently on the lady musician front…particularly my favorites.

First things first:

Brandi Carlile:  Giving Up The Ghost

Release Date:  10/06/09

Album Art for GutG

Album Art for GutG

Brandi and the boys (Tim Hanseroth, Phil Hanseroth and Josh Neumann) were stumbled upon me in April of 2007.  By that point I was already incredibly late to the BCB bandwagon.  They had already had a self-titled album come out by that time and had just released their sophomoric fall up titled, “The Story.”  Their music has been featured on “Grey’s Anatomy,” multiple times and is always filled to the gills with raw honesty and haunting melodies.  They can be rock at times, folk at times, country at others, and yet despite the classification my ears always experience multiple orgasms.  It’s not the genre that makes a song great, it’s the voice, it’s the symbolism, and for me, it’s the ability to relate to the words being crooned.

They are one of those bands who try out their new songs on the road to gauge audience feedback and to allow the piece to grow and evolve naturally into what it was always destined to be.  So, on their upcoming album, I fear that there will be few, if any, surprises.  We’ve heard them groom and edit these tunes into what they are now… However that does little to extinguish my overwhelming excitement at the official final versions that are finally placed onto a CD.   I used to be an overtly passionate fan with a seemingly endless amount of fervor and adoration for both who they are in regards to talents–and who they are as people.  They are good folks, undeniably.  And now, that has kind of settled into an admiring from afar kind of fan, which I believe is the best kind to be.

The first single off her latest album:


Please do check her out.



The one song you might have heard: “The Story”

Moving on:

Tegan & Sara: Sainthood

Release Date: 10/27/09

Front Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover

Track List

Track List

Oh, Tegan…be still my beating heart.  Can you hear my heart beating like a hammer? Well, that’s because if Brandi Carlile isn’t my favorite musician, than the chicks from Tegan and Sara are.   The number one slot on my “Coolest Fuckin’ Music Ever” list is in constant flux.  It depends on who I’m listening to or, uh, fantasizing about, at the time.  I mean, what?  Ha.

But, really, these ladies could not be any more right up my alley (play on words, much?) .  They create music that is at once super-catchy, insightful, symbolic and a bit obtuse and ambiguous.   Their lyrics are always beyond fascinating–and their uncanny ability to utilize multiple instruments and tools to craft their vision out of thin air is nothing short of amazing and telling of both their intelligence and love for music.  They are interesting people who dig deep into their wells of emotion to allow us ,the listener, a peek inside their heart and soul.

An oldie, but a goodie:  “Living Room”

Also worthy of mention:

A Fine Frenzy:  Bomb in a Birdcage

Release Date:  09/08/09

Track List:

1. Wouldn’t Do
2. New Heights
3. Electric Twist
4. Blow Away

5. Happier
6. Swan Song
7. Elements
8. World Without
9. Bird Of The Summer
10. Stood Up
11. Beacon

*Italicized titles are my favorites.

Light, airy, whimsical, fantastical, enjoyable fare from the adorable little red-head Alison Sudol.


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