We’re in the business of killin’ nazis…

So, I saw this little film the other day… this little indie flick called “Inglourious Basterds,” by this Tarantino guy?

I hope the aforementioned quasi attempt at humor falls as flat as I suspect, because come on I don’t need to review this movie.   There are twenty three bazillion critiques in publication and on the web– and perhaps even more unwarranted opinions from all of the pseudo-intellectual film school geeks who love to bash on QT like it’s their business to save the world from his drivel.

And let’s face it… this film has Tarantino’s slobber all over it.  From the title sequence on it is all Quentin–foot fetish scene and glorified cameos included.

There is a lot to adore about this movie.  I went into the theater not ever seeing a trailer for this film at all.  I knew it had Brad Pitt talkin’ about “natsees” and that it was directed by Tarantino.  Honestly, that is all I knew.

The reason for this is that my passion for all things cinema has dwindled significantly in the past couple of years.  I used to go to the movie theater a couple of times a week where as now I go a couple of times a year.  A major part of that has to do with my physical location–my previous city had general admission at around four bucks.  More than double that and you get the price I’m expected to pay in the greater Houston area.  And honestly few movies are worth that to me.

So, when I actually do drag my deadbeat carcass out to catch a first run film–especially one on opening weekend (!!!) where I’m forced by vicinity to fraternize with the masses….well, it damned well be a good one.  And this one certainly did not disappoint.

I expected nothing, but ended up gaining a shit ton of enjoyment out of the experience.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it reinvigorated my stagnant enthusiasm for cinema.   Yes, it was long.  Yes, it started off slow.  And yes, it is bloody and violent.  But, hell, they are in the business of killin’ nazis and business is booming!  What do you expect?

Everything about it just filled my little geeky heart with glee…the dialogue always snaps and sizzles in the best possible way, the cinematography could not be more splendid and breathtaking,  the soundtrack became a character in and of itself, and the acting… OH, THE ACTING!  Sigh.   Let’s just say that if you fail to be captivated by some of the moments of sheer brilliance  of the ensemble cast’s performances–then you clearly are a re-tard. No offense intended, of course.

But, an objective viewer can recognize that Melanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz and Diane Kruger provide the audience with amazing star making performances.

This guy is a relative unknown and delivers one of the best performances in recent memory.  Spine chilling.

This guy is a relative unknown and delivers one of the best performances in recent memory. Spine chilling.

It’s a fucking awesome movie and that’s all that needs to be said. Tarantino rewrites history as he imagines it in that whacked out brain of his and we never once feel manipulated or cheated out of a factual storyline. Who gives a shit about historical accuracy? I mean if you want that go watch “The Passion of the Christ.” Ahem. Or Amen? Heh.

So, anyways, please do check this flick out. It’s well worth your time. It’s funny, chilling, heart wrenching, stomach churning, smart and with just enough action to keep your adrenaline pumping. Well done, QT, well done.

OH! And I almost forgot the best part!!! The ladies! Two beautiful starlets prance about the screen throughout this film. And they also happen to steal the show by both turning in superb performances in starkly different roles.

And maybe it’s just ’cause this Melanie chick is French and doesn’t know about “the list” that all of us lezzies know intrinsically. But, does she not emanate this gay vibe? A girl can dream.

Diane Kruger and Melanie Laurent

Diane Kruger and Melanie Laurent

So gay and adorable, right? :P

So gay and adorable, right? 😛

Notice there is barely a mention of Brad Pitt’s performance–and that’s because in all sincerity I’m still digesting it.  It’s not subtle.  And I have yet to determine if it’s the character or the actor who did not sit well with me.  He certainly is not bad and, in fact, is oftentimes dead-on in his delivery.  But, I’m comfortable saying that he is not the reason you need to see this movie.  So, not really worth talking about!

I will leave the review with this and lament the fact that I shall never have these two beautiful, talented women.  And how truly tragic THAT is:


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