Things that I think Suck and Don’t Suck. Today.- 07/18/09

I’m going to compose a list of things that suck:
– 100 degree weather all day every day.
– Having no air conditioning in your car in 100 degree weather all day every day.
– Getting a flat tire magically in Navasota when it is 100 degree weather all day every day.
– Having no one stop and help me.
– Running over a baby rabbit at 4am in your car with no music playing and only the “crunch” to let you know you killed that bunny.
– Pet Sitting for cats that require you to carry a weapon around when tending to them.
– Having severe withdrawals from Paxil.
– Having the thermostat set too high at home because of brown-out warnings.
– Sweating inside, all day every day.
– Having my taste buds no longer like soda products.
– Did I mention my withdrawal symptoms? Makes you feel like throwing up all the time. Feeling like I’m having an outer body experience, vertigo, piercing headaches.
– Did I mention I have this on top of PMS hardcore superstar?
– Thinking I did this awesome thing for my dogs by buying fancy schmancy dog food only to find out I spent a lot of money on some that got a 1 star review on Dog Food Reviews’ site.
– Having a 7 month old puppy with hip dysplasia despite her having Health Certs
– Having no money.
-Cucumbers and tomatoes on my subway sandwich.
– Being too anxious and crazy to get a job to get money.
– Living at home.

Things that don’t suck:
– Fancy scissors
– Argyle Shoes and/or socks
-Dog Whisperer
-Jason’s Deli
– Lesbians


About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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