Be Kind Rewind

We’ve traveled down this well worn path before.
The boot prints on the ground are there to stay.
We tread these quiet trails when we are falling.
Trace our fingers in the dirt throughout the day.

We share these times together though it’s over.
Our fingers touch when life cloaks us in despair.
An echo in my ear screams when I struggle.
Ashamed to wield the cross that I now bear.

We peer inside each other putting stitches in the skin.
Scarlett masks the mottled hide; an eruption from our lies.
A familiar pattern woven, needle brands us w/ our sins.
The weighty hands tick madly on.

We dance in circles beneath the starlit skies.
Counting seconds ’til the dawn breaks through the darkened glass.
Tiredly march on throughout the foggy days.
Crash into the waves, unfettered, start anew.

Peeling back the pale facade, staring at these truths.
A furrowed brow masks nothing as it rests above your grin.
I felt your heart beat flutter as you faltered through your lines.
Tin soldiers bang their war hymns, we choose to fight this fight again.

Mistakes marked with passion, pages worn with dogged ears.
Repeating things we’ve heard before, the process has begun.
Our graves remain so shallow as the cycle wheels still spin.
Muscles twitch as pulled so tautly, awaiting the sound of guns.

Blank walls, eternal highways, no warmth nor close embrace.
Our reflection in the puddled blood, love fails to ever show.
The ice slowly thickens as the smiles start to fade.
Mirror skews our reason, as we mime out the words we know.

Our armor of scar tissue protects us from the momentary sting.
Deflects the certainties of knowledge and the logic in our brains.
But, step by step we walk together, locked and intertwined.
No stopping our destruction, find comfort in the eternal rain.


About littlelostsunny

Lost inside her mind. Inspired to blog because if not the thoughts start to control my life. I needed an outlet.

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